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Qing Chen

Lab Manager

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About Qing

Qing Chen grew up in China. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Nanjing Agricultural University where she discovered her passion for Biology. In 2016, she traveled to the US and attended the Illinois Institute of Technology. While she was pursuing a master‘s degree, she contributed to the NLRP3 inflammasome Project.


After this, she joined a company where she is responsible for the culture of primary cells. Motivated by her interest in Immunology, she joined Esser-Kahn Lab in 2020 as a research analyst, and became the lab manager in 2022.


BS, Ecology, Nanjing Agriculture University

MS, Biology, ITT 2018

Favorite Quote

"Be curious, not judgmental."

-Walt Whitman

Scientific Hero

Ada Lovelace

If you could be a piece of lab equipment, what would you be?

"-80 freezer: Always messy but functions well."

Qing's Research

Cell and molecular biology; Immunology

Lab Publications

Discovery of New States of Immunomodulation for Vaccine Adjuvants via High Throughput Screening: Expanding Innate Responses to PRRs. Kim, J. Y., Rosenberger, M. G., Chen, S., Ip, C. K., Bahmani, A., Chen, Q., ... & Esser-Kahn, A. P. (2023). ACS Central Science, 9(3), 427-439.

Temporal control of trained immunity via encapsulated release of β-glucan improves therapeutic applications, Ajit, J.; Cassaidy, B.; Tang, S.; Solanik, A.; Chen, Q.; Shen, J.; Esser-Kahn, A.P. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2022; 11(18): 2200819.

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